Second Project Poll + More info about Hagure Yuusha.

Poll is for 2nd Project. Vote now and decide the next series I’ll do along with DanMachi (Priority).



The Poll will be close on May 5th. So Please inform others about this. Also, if you know any other Translators of these Series, please leave a comment telling me WHO and WHERE I can find them.

Also, I will be placing extra votes on the end result based on my preference. You will not know which series I prefer. 1st = +10 Votes, 2nd = +7, 3rd = +5, 4th = +3, 5th = 1 (These values are tentative and may change based on the amount of votes placed to incorporate my selection over the others)

Green Light for Hagure Yuusha Volume 5. I’ll be doing Chapters 1, 3 and 5 for Volume 5, while Joegargary is doing Chapter 2, 4 and Epilogue. Hope you enjoy this.

I will not move it back to Ongoing Translation. It is staying in Abandoned Translation as I will not continue this project after finishing those chapters.

I’ll be doing a 5-10 Pages a day for Hagure Yuusha, while focusing on DanMachi. Of course, if RL kicks in, Hagure Yuusha will be delayed further.

Edit: It looks like some assholes are not listening to me about not rigging the votes. I’ll remake the poll again. If I notice something like this happening AGAIN, I WILL PICK THE SERIES and ignore all your comments about which one is selected.

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13 Responses to Second Project Poll + More info about Hagure Yuusha.

  1. B says:

    I know that the poll is closed but I thought I’d just let you know that hagure yuusha is also being worked on by baka tsuki. I wasn’t sure if someone already mentioned it, but I thought I’d point it out anyway. Here’s the link

  2. Louis says:

    I hope you pick ore ga heroine or Strike the blood, those two have a lot of potential..ore ga heroine mainly comedy (manga is out there try reading it), strike the blood is like campione, or to aru i guess, but dont compare it to the anime, it butchered a lot of the nice content…

    • jn says:

      Translation Suggestions are closed already. As I am the sole translator + editor, I cannot manage more than 2 projects at once

  3. loliDrag0n says:

    As ophiis already said, “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden” is being worked on, though at a rather slow pace. It would be best, if you asked the sinemerald, if he intends to continue.

    All options seem interesting, but if I had to choose it would be “Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou”.

    • jn says:

      I know about this, I’ll try to contact him via his blog if it gets picked. Though if it does get picked, I won’t be immediately working on it. I’ll give him some time and see if he’ll reply to me.

    • Hiyono says:

      “Being worked on”. I’m pretty sure Mizuho’s given up on the whole translation thing.

  4. ricky h says:

    quota from animesuki
    Originally Posted by whsie View Post
    Well, I can say that I’ve started, but it’ll be a while before you see any of it. I’m doing a rough translation (speed emphasized) and then a massive editing process. Also, I’m working backwards from 3,2,1. Hopefully, when the manga hits the end of volume 1 in the novels, I can release volume 2 and 3. If I’m still breathing by then, volume 4 will get the green light.
    quota from bakatsuki.
    Originally Posted by krytyk
    I might pick it up after I catch up to available raws for my current project, either this or Ore ga Heroine o Tasukesugite Sekai ga Little Mokushiroku!?. However that will take two-three months, if anyone else is interested in it – don’t hold back.

    Current plan is to pick it up, but only after I’m caught up with both of my current series.

    • ricky h says:

      Edit: for Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou.
      forgot to add which series.

    • Dani Deri says:

      whsie already started translation in 2014-04-12 and look like in post he doing whole vol before he release translation. h to single post)

    • jn says:

      Yes, I know about this. However, I don’t plan on making an animesuki account so can someone who has one, help me contact whsie? If it is possible, please ask him to leave some method of contact (email, etc.) so I can find him in case it is the highest vote possible.

  5. AnimeFan9001 says:

    Picked Eden. After reading v1 just 2 days ago, I proceded to finish the other 3 translated volumes the same day. Also the series is complete I believe which means that once translation is finished, one of the other projects can be picked up.

    Shoukan Maou seems strikingly similar to blade dance.

    Keishousha is decent, but after reading the first volume, I could live without reading more.
    The other two, I dont know that much about.

    TL;DR: Eden seemed the most interesting.

  6. ophiis says:

    Wow, all of them are interesting LN, it was hard to pick one. But let’s go with Kenshin since I already read the first volume and the others there’s nothing translated yet.

    In cace you pick “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden”, sinemerald started tranlating vol 5 here But has gone missing for 3 months. Just saying in case you didn’t know. :D

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